Expat Utrecht

Expat Utrecht

With one of the best universities in the country, dynamic industry, a beautiful old city centre and a thriving international community, Utrecht is a great place for internationals to live. The Expats in Utrecht website lists local information sources, social clubs, blogs and service providers to help you make the most of your stay.

Advice and information
Utrecht city council
Invest in Utrecht

Children and childcare
Anneroos Kinderopvang

Health Care
Tandarts Utrecht

Rental housing
Home to rent

Local blogs

A Flamingo in Utrecht
Clogs and Tulips


Holy Trinity Anglican Church
The Shelter
International Christian Fellowship

International School Utrecht

Social clubs
International Women’s Contact Utrecht
Rotary Club Utrecht International
Utrecht Toastmasters

Social network sites
Expats Utrecht, Facebook
Utrecht forum, Just Landed

Utrecht Dominators: American football
Utrecht Rugby Club
Morris Dancers

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The website Expat Utrecht aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Utrecht

Utrecht is a medieval city that buzzes with young energy, partly due to its university. Lying in the centre of the Netherlands, in the province of the same name, Utrecht has a beautiful city centre with cobbled streets, old bridges, café terraces on sunken canals, and a sky-line dominated by a tower from a medieval Cathedral. In short, a great place for expats to settle.

The first impressions of Utrecht for visitors arriving by train are generally disappointing. Utrecht is the country’s main hub for public transport – and unlike other cities, the station is attached to a mega shopping mall devoid of charm. Yet only a few minutes away from the mall, the appeal of this ancient city becomes apparent.

Utrecht is a city of 170 nationalities and almost 328 000 people. High inner-city density lessens as the distance from the Old City increases. More spacious living for Utrecht expat families can be found in the outlying towns of Nieuwegein, De Vechtstreek and Leidsche Rijn.

Brief History

The founding date for Utrecht is usually denoted by the construction of a Roman camp sometime around 50CE.

In the 7th Century the Frisians, then inhabiting the region, faced religious conversion by English and Irish missionaries. Willibrordus was appointed bishop, which signified the establishment of the Bishopric of Utrecht. Utrecht remained a secular territory until 1580, when under pressure from the Reformist Protestants, the laws changed and forbade the public practice of Catholicism until about 1723.

Another significant period was the signing of The Treaty of Utrecht by several European states in 1713. This marked an end to hostilities and a reinstitution of a balance of power between the players.


With 14 museums of offer, there is bound to be something of interest to every member of the family. Some examples of the choices available are: Dick Bruna Huis (creator of Miffy/Nijntje); Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum (everything about trains); Museum Catharijneconvent (medieval religious art); and the Aboriginal Art Museum (contemporary Australian Aboriginal art).

Utrecht’s calendar of music and theatre offers many local and international acts including musicians performing at the annual Jazz and Blues festival.

Sport lovers are also catered to, with numerous indoor and outdoor sports available yearlong.

Expat Utrecht

With 31% of the population originating from non-Dutch heritage, including many students and staff associated with the prestigious University of Utrecht, the expat network has become well established.

Being the national transport hub makes Utrecht an ideal home-base for couples working in different cities. Families wanting an English education for their children can apply to The International School Utrecht, which opened in August 2012.

The website www.expatsinutrecht.com provides information, support and social opportunities. In addition to clubs like International Women’s Contact (IWCU); Rotary Club of Utrecht, less formalised clubs and contacts are available through churches, sporting clubs, schools, and the University.

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